The Forgetting Room

Ghost Codes Based on the writings of Jeff Noon

Album release message

Last Words

I first met Jonathan Taylor 3 years ago. He asked if I needed a drummer for a project I was working on as he knew one, it happens we both knew that same person Leigh Stothard, who appears on this album. Small world.

It's what this album is about. It's about connections. Everyone who touched this album knows that. They will never forget Jonathan for his ability to bring musicians and our narrator from so many places around the world and have them give their talents to one album.

What followed that meeting with Jonathan was seeing the project, the album unfold, develop and reach the "tweaking" stage, the point where a musician will make changes, not always for the better but changes all the same. Like an artist who can't stop applying paint.

In August 2012 I suggested he needed to stop. He agreed so long as we could take it and finish it. Blacksail Studios and his home were where the hard work had been done. Re recording the drums was done at Factory St. Studio in Bradford then on to The Chairworks Studio Castleford where the final mixes were made. Our thanks to all of those who engineered and produced along that route, Adam, Alex and Steve.

Jonathan's untimely death halted an already delayed release date. We could have rushed a release but did not.

The album produced and mixed at the end of last year, also now the accompanying album of work along the way, track previews and remixes will be the realisation for us all of Jonathan's writing and production. Also with a hint of what the Fog Catchers, Jonathan's sadly never to be finished next project might have been.

I hope that what you now hold in your hands, this album, will be cherished by all of you who waited so patiently for its release. A huge thank you for your many kind emails in recent months, you too were part of this projects journey.

If I have a lasting memory of Jonathan, the friend, it's of the phone calls to say, "what do you think of the track I have sent you?" my constant answer "great but give me 8 minutes of it...." And he usually did.

Our thanks to Jeff Noon for signing these first edition albums as phantom band member and inspiration to Jonathan.

To you all, thank you for waiting and enjoy The Ghost Codes.

John Sessions / Exec. Producer
September 2013

Ghost Codes

Remixing Narrative

Dub fiction is a way of remixing text.

The technique can be used to produce new, standalone stories or poems. It also works as a way of creating a second text that works in conjunction with an original piece. In this sense, it acts like a musical remix or an old-school B-side dub mix.

Extract from Ghost Codes 002

"Scanning for signals in darkness, for voices in static drift.
Hearing only the song of ghosts as they spark across circuits.
Name of planet: unknown. Ship destroyed. No signs of life.
Twin moons: one bone white, the other blood coloured.
Our captain buried the crew, then killed himself.
Patterns of rain across the curve of my visor.
Alone now. Battery low.
I am the last of the mechanisms. The coded remains of Planet Earth."

You can find out more about the Ghost Codes project here.

The Story

Why Ghost Codes, why Microspores?

Jeff Noon acclaimed writer and avid Twitter communicator, decided to create the Microspores, 140 character stories, complete stories.

Jeff threw out a challenge to have composer contributors write 40 second musical pieces of music to be played alongside the Microspores; many were created and are on the Microspore site to hear.

However the works of Jonathan Taylor and The Forgetting Room were the chosen pieces that Jeff believed could be taken from their 40 second birthplace to a full album, The Ghost Codes.

“The Ghost Codes” the story of the meltdown of the digital age therefore in the first instance this album will not be available as a digital release. The first copies will only be available as a physical entity, an album, something to hold in you hands, as you now do.

Buy the album

The Ghost Codes album from The Forgetting Room will be released with 1000 copies of Edition One as hard copies - a truly collectable item.

The first 250 albums will be signed by Jeff Noon, all 1000 albums in a gatefold sleeve will be signed by the band and when album 1000 is sold those first 1000 buyers will be sent an A3 size poster of the original cover art work with the names of the first 1000 buyers on the reverse.

The Ghost codes are the story of the meltdown of the digital age from where our decision came in the first instance that the album will not be available as a digital version upon release. The first 1000 copies will only be available as a physical entity, an album, something to hold in you hands.

Pre-order your copy of The Forgetting Room's 'Ghost Code' now, in time for its release in November 2012 (date TBA).

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(From left to right in above image)

Mandy Gibson, huge Jeff Noon fan, came out of the leftfield with her offer of being our narrator, thanks Mandy from all of the team

Kane Hellewell, lead guitar, long time Forgetting Room collaborator. After starting to play the guitar at 13 Kane's musical tastes developed from Joe Satriani to George Benson and was a founding member in tech-death-metal band The Torture Of Comacine.

Leigh Stothard, drums, what can you say? The performances speak for themselves, been in the forgetting room so long he can’t remember when he came in……or the way out.

Hugh Bradley, guest bass player doesn’t really convey how much we appreciate his huge input and massive talent, thank you from us all.

Jonathan Taylor, the core of the project, writer, multi instrumentalist and engineer-producer of the original pre mix performances...

Tom Third, who came to the project as a guest, bringing edgy synth work and keyboard input. A huge talent in his own right see his discography and film score lists on his site from the website links page.

Becky Taylor, one of a very small number of people in the UK who can even play the instruments she brought to the project. She is one of the most respected Uilleann pipers of her generation, accomplished Northumbrian Smallpiper and Multi-Instrumentalist.


If you'd like to get in touch with The Forgetting Room please drop us an email.

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